Dark mode in forum

I had the default setting to the forum in dark mode but now it’s back to the white background. I keep changing the theme but nothing is happening. Anyone have suggestions to fix this?

Edit: this is on my iphone6s in safari, ios11

Q) Do you keep having to login as well?

Q) When you say nothing is happening, is it that the theme never changes or is it that the setting never saves? Perhaps a screenshot of your settings could help here.

No I’m logged in. The page loads in white and then Click settings and click dark and nothing happens. Sorry I can’t post a picture at the moment.

Try logging out, then login in a Safari private tab and see if it allows you to set the dark theme in there.

Just trying to rule out browser issues.

The forum just notified me there was an issue with the selector and gave me a button which said it should fix it. As I am able to change themes I am very much hoping this resolves the issue for you too!

Working fine for me since your update, thanks @RosemaryOrchard

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Everything is working again! Thanks!!

Is there way to trigger light or dark mode from a URL? I’d like to have two bookmark, one for day and one for night.