Daily archive of OmniFocus done tasks in DayOne

Is there a way to automate a daily arche of done tasks from OmniFocus to Day One on iOS? Thanks for any possible contribution.

That’s a great Automation-Idea - i’m also very interested in this topic!

Ok. The best I have come up with is:

  • Use the “completed” perspective in Omnifocus.
  • Select all tasks done today.
  • Open DayOne and paste the clipboard.

Not really an automation. Furthermore it does not save in which proyect was every task.

I’m not an Omnifocus or Day One user myself, but I would imagine that once there’s Javascript automation support in Omnifocus that it would be possible to trigger a pretty granular export and then use Day One’s URL scheme to add the details to the current day’s journal.


Count me as interested in this as well. I was hoping to hear some talk of it in the most recent Automators episode on Journaling, but sadly no.

I paid an AppleScript programmer and got a rudimentary script sort of working to do this on the Mac, but it never worked very well.

Copying as Task Paper and Pasting into Day One on the Mac is the closest to workable I’ve found. This unfortunately has the undesired quality of having a lot of unnecessary gibberish cluttering the archive:

  • CONFERENCE CALL WITH @ parallel(true) @ autodone(true) @ estimate(25m) @ context(iOS Devices : KiPhone : Calls) @ tags(iOS Devices : KiPhone : Calls) @ due(2019-01-05 13:45) @ done(2019-01-05 14:23)
    • After cross referencing search ask x Where did Y go to school? @ parallel(true) @ autodone(true) @ estimate(10m) @ context(People : x) @ tags(People : x, iOS Devices : KiPhone : Calls) @ done(2019-01-06 06:33)
      Question for X

    • Have X research what school would be the best for Z to have graduated from @ parallel(true) @ autodone(true) @ estimate(10m) @ context(People : x) @ tags(People : x, iOS Devices : KiPhone : Calls) @ due(2021-07-05 19:45) @ done(2019-01-06 06:33)

For instance I’d love an automated way to get ride of @ parallel(true) and @ context(People : x) and @ autodone(true)

This isn’t particularly difficult to do with a Find and replace in Text Edit but when I am doing it with 10 projects and different @context it is very tedious to do manually and error prone. Plus when I take it into any editor to do this I tend to lose the indentation of the projects which makes it again much more difficult visually to parse.

(Speaking of visually hard to parse, please ignore the spaces after the @ symbols above, the forum thinks I’m spamming users.)

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Doesn’t look like JS is coming any time soon - I asked in June and October last year and heard nothing from Omni.

All I was doing was referencing their own public statement.

Based on their delivered automation and their very public investment in it (Sal) I’m sure it’ll appear at some point, but I’ve certainly no insight into when. Whilst a lack of response from them would be/is rather poor, such a lack of response doesn’t give any insight into delivery timescales. We could see it next week, next month or next year. The fact that no one has said anything communicates nothing. :man_shrugging:t2:

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yeah here’s a more recent statement: https://www.omnigroup.com/blog/omni-roadmap-2018-q4-update - basically saying wait for the Jan 2019 roadmap

This is a rad idea! I wonder if it’d be easier to do, even more automagically, on macOS?