Customize close button of UITables

I am experimenting a lot with UITables while building a recipe app. Works awesome. But beside the aforementioned feature of „tappable“ image cells (what an outlook to be able to us SFSymbols as buttons!) I would like to add the ability to get rid of or to customize the mandatory close button on top of the table.

Or is there a way around it I haven‘t figured out yet?

Thanks a lot for this stunning app anyway,

Currently there is no way around it.

Simon is currently experimenting with a new API to bridge SwiftUI to Javascript as he mentioned on his Twitter and Mastodon. Maybe it will be possible with that.

Agree w/ schl3ck.

I’m not sure what your end goal is, but you might consider looking into PWAs (progressive web apps), which is basically just a standard for creating webpages that behave nicely when added to a mobile homescreen as a shortcut.

Thank you,

I am afraid that my knowledge will not take me that far…


Yeah I understand. For what it’s worth, if you ever want to experiment more with web development, one (relatively) straightforward path I would recommend would be:

  • Create a React app using create-react-app
  • Set up deployment via gh-pages to put your app live on a free Github pages site

I fully appreciate that this may not seem “straightforward” depending on your experience level, but I just used this method to launch my personal website/resume, and I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it was.

Thank you again for encouraging me and showing a nice path forward!

I will definitely give it a try !

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