Cross platform task management with automation focus

Looking for recommendations for cross platform & web apps for task management that have good automation support.

I’m an Apple user that also daily drives Ubuntu and would love to find a better task management solution than reminders on iPhone.

Reminders meets all my needs, except doesn’t work on Linux.

I would use todoist but their shortcuts support is very lacking.

OmniFocus would qualify well for this except one thing: On Linux you’d need to use the web client. There the standard OmniAutomation wouldn’t work. So you’d have to roll your own using eg web technologies.

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Well, you might have to roll your own a bit. I would say that if you’re inclined to use Linux, you’re probably well suited for working through some of these challenges.

I have been quite a fan of using GitHub Actions as a bit of a cloud OS, these days. You can create any sort of automations you want that work with APIs and other systems out there, and you can even set up cron-style triggers for the pipelines to work. You can quite literally do just about anything that your creativity can muster with GHA. There are many people that use it for writing and publishing books, taking their writing and putting it into the desired format(s) for the publisher and allowing for ongoing revisions. Others use it to publish their blogs storing the posts in Markdown and using Single-Page Apps for more static content as the blog platform, like Jekyll.

You could then use apps that work with services like Trello, and then just do the automation through the API.