Cross platform OmniFocus Templates

The other day I created a project with (something very similar to, albeit with different titles) this:

- This is a project
	- This is a task
	- This is another task

And pasting that (with a project selected) on my Mac created a new project. It might not be proper syntax but it worked.

Again, that also comes back to copy & paste - not drag & drop, which is what Martin was referring to.

I dragged it into OF from your post, and it created a nice project with 2 tasks:


So I don’t know what happens on your side, but it should work.

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Are you in a position to copy it into Drafts and try a drag from there?

Your test suggests the point of contention is at the source location (Drafts). Next step is probably to determine if this behaviour is just occurring for Martin.

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Right. I do wonder how Drafts could get this one wrong. To Drafts it’s just text.

One minor factoid: I’m not defining the draft as Taskpaper - but I don’t think that should matter.

(It might seem strange but some of my Taskpaper lists are pulled from non-Taskpaper drafts. For example my H3 to dash action can cause that.)

Anyhow I’ll try with the latest Drafts beta (a new one being out since I posted) and also from somewhere else into OmniFocus. A busy few days so not quite sure when.

The idea of creating a postprocessor Shortcut is a good one - incorporating what you have here. (Though I could do all I want to in Drafts and dragging seemed simpler.)

I say “postprocessor” as I might want the Shortcut to e.g. tag all the tasks or set some dates.

On iOS, and split screen mode, if I drag from Drafts into any folder it works as expected. Otherwise, he creates a single task with two sub tasks.

For example, if I drag from Drafts into my home folder it creates the project there.

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I copied the lines into Drafts, and dragged them into OF, as it was mentioned it did not work from Drafts.
Everywhere I dragged it in OF the project was created as in the screenshot

@Martin_Packer: can you share a screenshot of the result on your machine?

Here is a quick video.

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I’m now beginning to understand what you mean. A slight refinement:

If I drag onto Inbox I get 2 subtasks under the 1 task. But the count says 2 not 3. I also don’t recognise the term “subtask” in the OmniFocus interface. (I should read up on them).

So you had a test folder.

Now I do this works - as you described.

But it shouldn’t be necessary to have projects in folders. None of my projects are in folders and I don’t think I’d want them to be. Having said that I’ll experiment with them. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll go over to Omni Group’s Discourse site and suggest this might be a bug or at any rate an unhelpful restriction.

I don’t understand why this would be a bug? Seen from the GTD side all items would start in the inbox, and when I add this to the inbox it creates a project with 2 tasks. Or 1 task with two subtasks, whatever you want to call it. From there you can then either add it to a folder, or just keep it as a project somewhere else. There’s no need for folders anywhere.

Or am I missing your point?

@loupage got it working by dragging to a folder. That’s the only way I’ve managed to make it work right. If that’s the design I don’t like it.