Creation of subtasks in Reminders


I would like to create subtasks in Reminders. I’ve been playing around both with shortcuts (both default reminders actions, and Toolbox proI, and scriptable, but I have not managed to get it. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Apple haven’t exposed the ability to do this on iOS. I suspect it’s because iCloud is the only service that offers this.

That said, you can use AppleScript on the Mac to create these.


Have you seen GoodTask? It’s basically a Reminders client. Completely different UI (which may be a dealbreaker for you) but does allow for sub-tasks, among other additional features.

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Yeah, I’ve tried to a add a task with Goodtask action, and even if it shows as a subtask in goodtask, it doesn’t in reminders. It justa adds it as a note. If I’m forced to use another app, I will chose things instead.

Thanks @jsamlarose, @RosemaryOrchard!