Creating reminders emails and mark as done when replied to

Im looking into the best way to create reminders from emails that meet certain criteria, and marks as done when replied to. The first part I managed. The hard part is to have a good system that marks reminders as done when I have replied to an email. Apple mail dosnt handle any rules for “has been replied to”. Ive been looking into MailMate, which has a lot more complex rules, and also built in support for things 3.
But when it comes to marking reminders as done it becomes a lot harder, since you cant just add an applescript to mailmate. You have to make a whole custom bundle.

What I managed now:
Apple script that creates reminders in things 3 list, including emailid link in Apple Mail, or using built in support for things 3 in Mailmate.

Only way i managed to mark reminders as done was with
Shortcut that searches for mailid in things 3 and marks as done.
Created a custom button with floating menus in better touch tools, that stays on top of “reply” button. The button send CMD+R to open reply window and starts the shortcut.

My system feels a bit half baked. And I cant be the only person who drowns in mail and easaliy forgets about answering them?
Is there any one here who has a good system for it?