Creating folders

I’m working on a script to extract a zip archive into a location via files, but shortcuts doesn’t create a folder when I extract the archive.

Is there a way to create a folder with shortcuts?

Create Folder action should be all it takes.

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The make folder action doesn’t seem to work at all with the local file system.

When I’m saving a file, I can save it to the local file system, but I can’t create a folder. The unzip action doesn’t make a new folder like an app like Kpressor does.

Is there an action that will work? Is there an app that integrates with shortcuts to unzip files into a folder or make a new folder?

The folder acton works with iCloud for the sandboxed Shortcuts folder and for Dropbox. On my iPhone/iPad is a storage provider for the iOS Files app, so to interact with that provider you must use the Files app directly. Note this will apply to any file system based action in Shortcuts, not just the create folde action.

iCloud is accessible offline (just try airplane mode), so that should suffice over on your device, unless you have a notable issue with bandwidth or security. In such an instance, a bit of hands on control and use of an app like Goodreader might be more appropriate for your particular requirement.

In terms of an app that integrates with Shortcuts to do something like that, I’ve not come acoss one, but I think if you explore something with deeper programmatic control (e.g. Pythonista has support for ZIP files and working with the file system), you could have certainly have success in integrating that into such an approach. But obviously you might have to invest the time in learning (e.g. python) to make advancment on this.

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Thanks for the great info. I’ll play around with iCloud Drive and hope that they improve this in the future.

My problem is that I’m often offline traveling and can’t trust iCloud not to remove the files to free up space.