Creating dialogs or getting data from user into script

I want to script a few things and while most of the things are “launch script and let it run”, there are a few where I would like to have some user interaction. I want this user interaction to be a bit more elegant than putting up a series of dialogs ask for one thing after the other. I would like to be able to use checkboxes, textfields, comboboxes etc and build some kind of window/dialog, preferable I want to integrate this dialog with some tool suitable for scripting. This (these??) tools would then be able to control other apps similar to AppleScript, or perhaps Keyboard Maestro (never tried it), or something else.

I’m not interested in using something like Xojo, or actually develop programs, I want something where I quickly can integrate a user interface with some script.

My current take on this have been to use TextExpander for text stuff, and the command dialog in Alfred to get user data. But I would like have to possibility to do launch script, let it do a few things, then it asks me for information based on what it has collected, when I answer it continues to do whatever it is doing, etc. Basically how a program work.

Is there some tool that let me do this?

You’ll need to learn HTML and potentially javascript if you don’t already know it but, Keyboard Maestro does provide a custom HTML prompt action.

OK. Thanks, looks like I need to take a look at keyboard maestro

This might do what you want: Pashua 0.11 Documentation although it hasn’t been updated in three years.

Thanks for the suggestion

Depending how set you are on building a particular interface, KM might fit the bill without any HTML. I have some macros that are a series of KM dialogs, which lets you have drop-down menus, checkboxes, and other kinds of controls.