Creating Calendar Events for Multiple Dates

Currently my wife and I are splitting our work days in half to take care of the kids. If she has the morning “shift” for kids, I have the afternoon and vice versa. Currently I go to Calendar on my Mac and copy the existing event to be added to the next day(s) to designate who is working which shift [i.e. Me - WFH or Her - WFH/OFFICE]. “Shifts” are 8a-12p and 2p-5p.

We’ve been using a shortcut to add these “shifts” to our calendars however it only allows for selecting one date at a time before having to start the shortcut again. Is there a way to allow for multiple date selections?

Here’s how it would work in my mind for the shortcut: Choose AM or PM > Select Date [multiple if needed] > Choose WFH or Office > Choose “Do you need to run this shortcut again?” > If yes run shortcut again, no END.

Any suggestions are wanted and welcomed!

PS - I want to use the native calendar app for iOS. Fantastical or others are nice but I don’t have room for another subscription at this point.

Here is one example of how you might approach this. I’ve assumed your choice for the schedule to be the next 7 days.

This is great thank you! The ability to chose multiple dates was kicking my butt trying to figure it out.

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