Creating an Instagram post from Bear?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been working on finding new uses for Workflow and finally came up with something I would find quite useful.

I’ve been working on reading more books but also comprehending more of what I read as well.

Here’s what my process looks like:

Read Book -> Take notes/highlight sections I find very useful -> Once complete I transfer everything to a Bear note on my iPhone -> Share my condensed/completed notes to Instagram with an appropriate image.

I know Bear is integrated with Workflow, but I’m not exactly sure where to start. I’m thinking it makes the most sense for this Workflow to be an extension that I run while inside the specific Bear note I want to share.

Here’s what the Workflow would look like:
Ran from inside the specific Bear note -> Saves the only image as a variable (image to be the post in IG) & also saves the text as a variable -> Opens Instagram and “pastes” these variables -> I click Post.

Is this at least possible?

Here’s one potential way.

If you export the Bear note as RTF and share that export from Bear to a workflow like the one below, you can pull out the image and the text.

Select the info panel on the note to get the export options

The image is passed to Instagram and the text is copied to the clipboard as Instagram is no longer supporting the captioning option. But you can then paste it in Instagram. I did try passing both text and an image direct to thhe action just in case, but Workflow then forces a single element selection. So no shotcuts (no pun intended on the new app) there.

Instagram Action Information

Here’s the Workflow: Example - RTF Bear Share

Workflow Screenshot: Example - Bear Share

You could potentially do something with pulling Bear noes in from Workflow using the note ID as another option. Not sure on how the data comes across, you end up copying IDs and switching apps, so this RTF option seemed like it might be the most reasonable approach.

Hope that helps.

That works perfectly! I thought it would need to be a very long workflow but it’s the shortest yet!

Thank you so much for your time and help :slight_smile: