Creating an auto-filled Airmail email on Catalina

I usually am over at the MPU but figured I would come over here.

I am running Catalina. I have the latest version of Keyboard Maestro and the Alfred Powerpack. Even though I have those, I just dabble in them but I want to start making better use of automation.

Previously, I have 2 simple KM macros that I have used. I’ll just talk about one for this example. All it did was run an Automator script. That script simply opened up Apple Mail, created a new mail message with the same recipient, subject line, and content. I would run it each month.

For some reason, it has broken under Catalina (I think). It refuses to run. It will open up Mail but then stops. If I open Automator and run it manually, it works.

All that being said, I actually use Airmail as my mail client. I would love to create an automation to do this same thing in Airmail.

Is that possible without getting too complicated? I don’t care what software I use for this although I don’t know if Alfred is built for something like this.

As an aside, the other automation I mentioned above does the same thing but it creates about 5 separate emails so I’m assuming if creating a single email can work, I can use that to create 5 emails.



That sounds like something you could trigger your default mail client (sounds like you have that set as Airmail) to do with just a mailto URL.

Try creating one on this site and then triggering it to be opened in KM or Alfred.

I’m sure AppleScript could afford you more functionality, but it honestly doesn’t sound at first read like you need any.

Thanks. That’s an interesting approach.