Creating an Animated GIF out of video not working anymore?

Hi it seems it’s not working for me anymore to create a GIF out of a video File with command Create GIF… some months ago it worked fine… wondering…

Anyone who can confirm it?
Or any ideas why I don’t get a GIF as output file? The video is playing in gallery of iPad so I think it should also be fine for shortcuts as a video input !?!

And another question: is it possible to use shortcuts to crop a video file? ( not trimming/ but cropping…cut a part from top for example)

If not does anyone know a good and free App on an iPad with which you could achieve it to do it directly on iPad? With iMovie on iPad it seems it’s also not possible to do so…


Using select photo, make gif and share actions I can see it is working for me.

What exactly is happening for you? No output? A crash? A non-animated GIF? Something else?

What are the actions you are using?

In terms of physically cropping a video’s frame (rather than applying an obscuring overlay) I’ve not come across anything I’m afraid. Even the highly acclaimed Luma Fusion (not free) only offers (many) standard aspect ratios, and that’s my goto for anything but the most basic video editing on iOS; but at the end of the day I don’t edit much video beyond trimming and producing the odd photo/video montage of a family event or holiday.

Yes I do not get an output file… i get a message that no objects had been created…

And yes I am using select photo ( I select a video file then), the next action is make/create a gif and then show ( I tried share now too but there is nothing to share…)

I changed the option to select more images and I selected 3 single image files and as output I got an animated GIF…

But with video file not working… don’t get an output

Okay, without seeing your shortcut I can’t see a reason for there being no object. The next best thing I can do is share a shortcut that works for me.

Try it on a few videos, and on a new one recorded within the shortcut itself. See if the quick look action gives you any sort of animation; it does for me. You can share from the quick look action to confirm the creation of an actual GIF.

If it fails. Reboot your iPad and try again. Sometimes random issues just require a restart.

Let us know how you get on.