Creating a private RSS feed for my own use

I have a bunch of disjointed podcast audio files that I want to aggregate into one feed for my own convenience. However, as these are all files that I bought (from Dan Carlin because I love his work), I would like to be able to require authentication to subscribe to this feed.

I am using hosting on, and I am having a frustrating time trying to figure out a way to require authentication. If I can figure out how to do this, it occurs to me that this might be useful for all kinds of different automations.

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What is the goal here? If it’s just to get them into a podcast app, you can upload your own files in Overcast if you have a paid account.

I have too much content on there already. Besides, the local uploads on Overcast does not lend itself to proper playlist management.

Mainly, I just want to have all of the hardcore history episodes that I have on one RSS feed that I can manage and download at my whim. It would also be nice to share this with my close friends – it’s a lot easier to recommend Dan Carlin’s Wrath of the Khans if I can just give a link, rather than the complex way Dan Carlin has set up his premium content.

Additionally, I think this would be useful to know how to set up a private RSS feed in and of itself, since there are tools such as zapier that can be activated by RSS posts.

+1 for Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History!

Have you tried Huffduffer? It lets you take podcasts, basically rip the audio file, and add it to your own “podcast” that you can subscribe to and organize as you will in Overcast.

I haven’t used it a bunch myself but see other people on the web recommending it – I want to use it to curate all the Shortcuts podcast conversations and keep a thread I can relisten to myself.


I was going to recommend that until I saw the authentication note. I use it occasionally (feeding into Overcast), and whilst I know I need to authenticate for adding content I don’t think I need to for retrieving it, plus how secure does the content need to be on a password protected feed? Is there authentication there too?

Great point, Matt. I’ve been a huffduffer user for a while. It’s fantastic. It took me a while to get my head around it at first. But I like to describe it to people this way, it’s like Instapaper or Pocket but for audio.