Creating a one-item RSS feed based on date in a Google Spreadsheet or AirTable

I have a need for a custom RSS feed. Here’s my scenario: I want to create an email newsletter that every day sends out a headline, excerpt, and a link. Obviously I would like to automate this.

On the email side, I have Mailchimp which will take and RSS feed and send out an email consisting of new entries since the last check.

On the source side, I can create an AirTable database or Google Sheets with records that contain fields of Date, Headline, Excerpt, and Link.

The trick is setting it up so I can batch enter my headlines but only have them go out one per day, which means the RSS needs to be updated every day, adding the item for that day.

I have tried Zapier, but that just pulls whatever is in the Table or Sheet and fills the RSS with it. I could set up a web site (e.g. WordPress) with the entries postdated, but that seems like a lot of overhead for a simple RSS. Anyone have other ideas?

How about creating a calendar view of the AirTable table, and then using an event starting on that calendar to trigger something? You may need to subscribe to the calendar in something like Google Calendar.

Thanks. I’ll try to figure that out. I’m using Zapier to read the AirTable calendar view and create a one-item RSS, then asking Mailchimp to create a daily RSS-based email based on it. If it works, every day at the same time, Mailchimp will query the Zapier RSS and find that day’s item setup for it (and not pick up tomorrow’s item.)