Creating a new doc w each Calendar Event

I need advice!

I am the advisor for a club at the school where I teacher. We have a meeting every Thursday.
Using Google Suites…
I would like a Doc to be automatically created and put in a specific folder.
The Doc Title will reflect the date of the meeting
The Doc Body will have a certain template that we would create ahead of time (designed for taking minutes)

I assume this would be triggered by the name of the event (in this case, “Meeting”).
Note: Some Thursdays will not be meetings but other events named accordingly and for which we will not need said doc.

Is there a way to do this internally? If not, would IFTTT be the best bet? How would you go about this? Any traps I should look out for based on your experience?

I would recommend IFTTT, with the trigger being “Event from search starts”, assuming the name of the event is always the same then that will work well for the search. You can create a new document as the result which does what you need I hope :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. That makes sense. I may be back with more questions for you or anyone else who might be able to help, but I will play around with it first.

Okay, I was able to set it up so it successfully creates the doc, which is great. But I don’t understand it’s how to designate the folder path. Here is what it says along with some pictures:

Format: folders separated by “/” like “Documents/Photos/Receipts” (defaults to “IFTTT”)
(I thought that perhaps it created an IFTTT folder in my Drive based on what it says above regarding its defaulting to “IFTTT”, but that is not the case, so I don’t know what that means.
This is the path it puts in by default in the IFTTT field: IFTTT/Google Calendar
But I don’t understand this format. So, here is the folder path as shown in my Drive where I would like the file to be placed:
I tried putting both of the following into this IFTTT field:
My Drive/Club International 2018-19/Meeting Minutes
the google-generated URL link.
Neither worked. It still just goes into my general drive.