Creating a list in Clear

I had a number of Shortcuts which made lists in Clear however since recent updates, these no longer work. Can anyone suggest how to take text and pass it as a series of tasks to Clear?

I’ve included the shortcut in its current form.

Many thanks in advance, fellow Automators

As far as I can tell, the Shortcuts actions for Clear can only add a task at a time and take you into the clear app every time.

You may find it easier to use the URL scheme which can accept a comma separated list of tasks.

See example shortcut at the link below…

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Thank you, I’m sure they must have changed the action because before it used to add them all as separate tasks. Is there a guide so I know how to set up the URL Scheme?

I didn’t find any official documentation from the app developer on the URL scheme. The app seems to have gone through a change of ownership and to be semi abandoned.

I got the details of the URL format from the Drafts action directory.

You can go into the Related Actions on this page and Show Details of the URLs they use.

The “Nova Lista no Clear” action near the bottom of the list seems to have the most complete version of the URL scheme that I could find.