Creating a folder with Shortcuts for Mac

Hi all,
I’m looking for a bit of help, if that’s ok.

I’m trying to use Shortcuts for Mac to create a new folder, as part of a wider and more detailed

I have gone into the location I want to put it, and copied the Pathname.

When I paste the pathname into the “Create folder in” shortcut, I get the following when I try and run the shortcut: “You must specify where the folder should be created”; even though I have pasted the location path into the shortcut.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Any help gratefully received.

It is a bit hard to tell you what is wrong without having an example of what you have done. A verbal description doesn’t make it easy to tell.

As an alternative, here’s a shortcut that creates a folder within another folder. You tell it the parent folder to create the folder and give it the name of the folder. Hopefully, this example will help you work out where things have gone awry.

If it does not help, please share a link to an example so we can see if we can spot why it is not working for you.