Create Ulysses sheets from a list of items

I have a list of app names in a text file, and I’d like to use it to automatically generate Ulysses sheets, one per app name. I also have the same list in a Numbers spreadsheet in a single column one name per row. Does anyone know if this can be done reasonably easily?

Is this on iOS or macOS?

On iOS, it should be trivial with Shortcuts. Roughly:

  • Get the file (is it always the same file?)
  • Get text from file (is there any other text in the file, or is every line relevant?)
  • Split text by new lines
  • Repeat with each in split text
    • (If needed) Clean unwanted characters using find and replace
    • (Using URL schemes or Ulysses Shortcut actions) Create new sheet with repeat item

Something similar is possible with AppleScript on macOS.

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It’s on macOS, but it would be fine on iOS/ipadOS too as I use Ulysses on all.

I’ve started working my way through macsparky’s Shortcuts video course, which is excellent, and I can see a way through this fairly simple problem. Creating sheets on Ulysses looks no problem, I just have to figure out file reading and looping (if that’s needed or even possible in Shortcuts).

Many thanks.

Aye, file reading is no trouble, assuming you’re using text files. You’re looking for the “Get text from file” action.

Similarly, looping is just “Repeat with (some list)”.

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That sounds pretty good. I’ve done AppleScript before, and that can be a bit tricky to get it doing exactly what you want (reading from a Numbers spreadsheet and manipulating layers in Illustrator) but this seems like a good opportunity to learn some Shortcuts. Lockdown time on my hands etc.

Thanks again for your suggestions and time.

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With your help, this is what I ended up with, which works as I hoped.

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