Create new list in Reminders?

I can see that there are extensive options for retrieving reminders, but is there a way in Scriptable to create a new list in the Reminders app?

There is currently no API for this in Scriptable. In fact, I’m not sure if third party apps can do that at all on iOS but I’ll look into it.

Goodtasks allows you to do it. Just tested it now.

I would also be interested in this feature.

Drafts can. It’s the only one I’ve found though I’m told Pythonista also can.

I’ve been using Drafts as a conduit for this purpose but wanted to try out Scriptable. There are some weaknesses in my workflow and I wanted to see if I could get better results with Scriptable.

FYI - here is the Drafts script I use as a part of my workflow.

var list = ReminderList.findOrCreate(draft.title);

var reminder = list.createReminder();


No. GoodTask cannot create a reminders list programmatically/by url scheme. I have this directly from the dev, but if you have a hack or workaround then please share. I’m a GoodTask user.


import reminders
r = reminders.Reminder()
r.title = 'Added from Pythonista'
def_list = reminders.get_default_calendar().title
print('Reminder added to default list: ' + def_list)

That’s creating a new list in the Reminders app, and not just a reminder in an existing list?

Sorry I didn’t mean programmatically, just stating that it’s possible to create new lists from a 3rd party app, which means the API must exist and should be possible in scriptable.

The next update will include APIs to create reminder lists. Technically a reminder list is a calendar, so you’ll find these APIs on the Calendar bridge.

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Sorry, I misread the original question. However, the Pythonista code can be easily modified to create a new reminders list (in the Reminders app), and then create a new reminder in that list:

import reminders

c = reminders.Calendar()
c.title = 'Pythonista Remimders List'
print('New calendar added: ' + c.title)

r = reminders.Reminder(c)
r.title = 'Added from Pythonista'
print('Reminder added to list: ' + c.title)

My assumption would be that the JavaScript methods in Scriptable would be used in a similar way to construct a list and a reminder, but I haven’t tried.

Noted. Thanks for clarifying.

Thank you for clarifying. It’s nice to know there are options (many more than I thought, actually).

Calendar.findOrCreateForReminders(“joey joe joe jr shabadu”)

Sweet. Thanks.

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