Create link to email, Things 3 and Apple Mail app

I am stuck using the native mail app in iOS.

I want to create a todo from an email in Things 3 AND provide the url link back to the specific email.

Can this be done? If so, are there examples of how to do this out there?


Have you tried with drag and drop from Mail on an iPad? It does work with Notes and Reminders on an iPad. Otherwise you would beed to use a third party app the get the mail link. Dispatch can do it. Airmail can also do it but would would need to convert the link from their custom generated to the regular format (which is easy). Otherwise if you use Reminders instead of Things you can just select any text in an email and then on the little share sheet that comes up select Share and share it to Reminders and it automatically links back to that email.

I did not know about the trick with reminders creating a link back when using this year sheet. I really would like to find an iOS solution that would take it into things 3. I can’t use any other email application that does not also work with multi factor authentication since my college requires that to get my email.

I was wondering if there is a way to use shortcuts or scripting on iOS to do this although I’m not that familiar with scripting at all. Wondered if a shortcut was out there that could actually grab the URL of an email.

I do this with drag and drop on my iPad every day (and via MailMate when on a Mac).

You might be able to use Siri’s “remind me of this” to get a link into Reminders and then use Things’ ability to import from Reminders automatically.

(I tried to test this, but Siri is telling me “there’s something wrong” any time I ask.)

I know this can be done deal and drop on iPodOS but my scenario needs to do so iOS (an iPhone).

I’m just wondering if anyone has achieved what I’m wanting to do on an iPhone.

I appreciate the input others have given, but I’m looking for a solution for the iPhone.


You can use Email to Things to accomplish this. It’s clunky to forward it, but it does work.

Sadly the reminders import of things ignores the reminders that have a mail link attached.