Create Image with Centred Text String above QR Code

I can create a QR code with Qrafter (or Shortcuts).

I’d like to create an image that consists of a text title above the QR code - automatically if possible.

The idea is to create a printable grid of QR codes with a label above each to tell me what it is. That way I can kick off automation from a (perhaps laminated) sheet of QR codes. Call it a “poor man’s NFC - but with titles.

That grid I can make with Shortcuts. In fact I already have.

Any idea how I might make such a QR code / title combo? Scriptable? Shortcuts? URL scheme to some app I don’t yet know about?

I’ve put together a quick shortcut that I think should give you a reasonable starting point.

It starts with a little text list of examples, but you can obviously choose how you soecify these - plain text, JSON, file, user input, etc. The list’s URLs are used to generate QR codes using a web API call and the resulyting images are base 64 encoded. These are effectively combined along with the titles to produced QR code name : QR code image pairs. I then build up a bit of HTML around it and convert into a a PDF which should mean it prints quite neatly as per your view of it.

Overall, there’s plenty of scope to change the layout just by tweaking the HTML and CSS, and get it just how you want it.

I would recommend getting a label printer if you are going to use lots of QR codes. I have a Brother one (I got fed up of writing address labels) that’s great, apart from I pretty much have to login and run the software from my Mac Mini to get things looking right. But the quality of the results are excellent and I can pop the stickers anywhere I like.

Hope that helps.


That’s perfect!

But why does it have to go off the device to the web? There’s a “make QR code” action built into Shortcuts.

Ha ha. It doesn’t!

It seems I grabbed some rather old Workflow example stuff I had without even considering using the on device option Shortcuts has.

<< Insert Facepalm Meme of Choice Here >>

Here’s an updated custom shortcut for anyone who may be interested.

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Thanks. Before I went for my run I decided I was going to dissect your cut carefully. Now I’m back I’m probably going to adapt it to make a single “badge” - with 1 label and 1 QR code. That way I can keep a stock of them and pull them in - using the built in Shortcuts action to combine them - into a custom grid.