Create crosslinked tasks / notes between Craft and Todoist, Things or Omnifocus

I’m crossposting this from the Drafts forum since I think it’s a great way to automate things on iOS with Drafts. Cross-linking can be a boost to prevent being distracted by other tasks / notes in your productivity systems. This is just for the Craft App but I think this can also be adapted to e.g. link to DEVONthink items or maybe Bear notes and so on.

Inspired by a Craft user i initially created an action to crosslink a task in things and a note in Craft. Since I‘m a Todoist user i quickly created a similar action for todoist. And now I was asked by a user in the forum here to adapt the action for Omnifocus.
I’m happy to share that the cross linking is now available for the three big task management apps Todoist, Things and now Omnifocus.
You can download them in the action directory:

I’ve been doing this lately — Todoist, Google Cal, Superhuman, and Drafts — with fantastic success! :raised_hands:

Initially, this doesn’t seem like a value-add, but it quickly becomes a game-changer.

I routinely create tasks that link to the document or page to make my future life simpler.

Here are the things I routinely link to:

  1. Superhuman emails (either as reference or where the task will be completed).
  2. Drafts notes — I will brainstorm ideas and then create a task to execute those ideas while linking back to them.
  3. Webpages — I may use a link as reference material or create a task, “Do this task here,” where “here” is a link.

Thanks to @MacSparky for sharing the Contextual Computation idea!

Like the idea above, I’ve been creating tasks that only trigger at specific locations or locations and times. Again, this seems basic but helps “punt” the task/information until the exact moment it’s needed.

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Yeah exactly by directly linking it you don’t get lost in another context :slight_smile: