Create calendar events from Keyboard Maestro

Hey guys, I’m looking for a way to create calendar events from KBM variables I’ve collected trough RegEx (names, start/end dates/times and location).

As I could not find an action that makes them on KBM itself, I guess I could use Automator for dealing with it, but I was unable to have KBM serve it’s variables into Automator Workflow.

I guess I could also use Applescrit for It, but I’m so noon on it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

AppleScript will probably be the easiest way - you can read Keyboard Maestro variables into it no problem.

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It will depend on what you’re doing—Applescript does sound like the most obvious but if you’d rather avoid it (and I can’t say I would blame you; it’s something I need a lot more practice with!) you might be able to save the variables into a text file or something and then use something else to perform the next step—maybe Automator with a Hazel rule trigger would work? (Or I guess you could jump over to iOS and run Shortcuts but that doesn’t seem terribly convenient.)

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It is possible to send variables to Automator from the command line if you do want to use Automator.

This post has a good example.

Hope that helps.

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