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Having just been told that Toolbox pro’s tools could answer my prayers I am playing about with the premium version.

Bookmark folder
• Can I access the Google Drive folder? It’s greyed out and doesn’t allow me to lick done.
• What does post URL do? I thought it was the folder I wanted to create my folder in but it still take me though a whole process when I click the shortcut play button.

Basically I want to search a folder for a folder name that contains certain text and create a new folder if not.

Will Toolbox Pro allow me to do this?

Also can you round this in the background? I don’t to see all the stuff that’s going on?

I don’t think you can access GDrive. You can only access iCloud/on device (i think)

also, you could do this with Scriptable for free.

OK, that’s a shame but thanks.

I don;t mind paying the money if it works but scriptable can work in the background from what I understand.

Do you know how to do this in scriptable?

As I noted in the other thread, not all storage providers support bookmarking.

If I list the providers in Scriptable, you can see I have a few more than iCloud Drive that are supported.

Bookmarking is a function of the OS and the implementation of the storage provider. Therefore the same restrictions should apply across any app supporting bookmark creation.

Thank you for that.

I’ll just have to iCloud which isn’t the end of the world.

I think I am way out of my depth with Scriptable though. I have just added a file bookmark in the Scriptable App and can’t even work out how to delete it.

Have you used this yet and care to share an shortcut so I can have a look please and any other scripts you’re using with Scriptable.

The more I study them and brake them down the easier I find to understand

Well there is this popular shortcut that uses Scriptable bookmarks that springs to mind.

Also note that to make a bookmark accessible in Shortcuts you have to create the bookmark from Shortcuts. That’s something that catches lots of people out.

Oh, and try swiping on a bookmark to delete it.

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Create the bookmark from shortcuts? Not sure I follow.

Thanks, managed to delete it, I did try swiping using the magic keyboard trackpad but that doesn’t work, in fact it’s quite buggy in iPadOS 14.0 anyway.

I’ll take a look at FS Shortcuts

People tend to miss this in the documentation.

Thank you for your help.

I’ve downloaded FSShortcuts and I am trying to play about with that and Scriptable but I have to admit, It’s not the easiest to understand.

I don’t like giving up on things but usually I wouldn’ve made some progress by now

I’ve thrown together a quick step-through example for you that I think should give you the gist of how you might use it.

Toolbox Pro follows the same principles and you can just do it with actions and no JavaScript. Doing it outside of Shortcuts in Scriptable is just the same process, it is just that bookmarks created within the Scriptable process and the bookmarks created in Scriptable within the Shortcuts process are isolated from one another.

Hopefully, this will help put you back on track.