Create an automation to kill notifications?

Hi guys,

So here is something I’d love to be able to do.

Sometimes I use the iPhone screen record to capture some video content that I found on Twitter. The irritating part is that I have some notifications that may fly in whilst the video is playing which of course get captured as part of the screengrab :weary:

Therefore I would like to switch off notifications (particularly for Twitter) prior to starting the screen recording.

Is it possible to use Shortcuts to achieve this?

I’d be chuffed if one of you automation gods could help me out with this one.

Not an automation, but when you select record from control centre, you could put the do not disturb toggle I there too and just activate that first.

Screen recording is potentially a security risk if automatable, so I don’t think Apple have automated anything around that yet; at least I don’t recall seeing anything to date.

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Thanks very much. I hadn’t considered that. I appreciate your input.

Having said that that doesn’t fix my problem because it’s only activated in the event that the mobile is locked.

Whilst I’m recording the video there are still notifications coming through.

Ah. Sorry. I never use the feature myself, but I figured bedtime or silenced always (not just when locked) would have done the trick.

Your other option to restrict would be airplane mode but that wouldn’t catch everything, and it obviously imposes other restrictions.