Create a shortcut that will create url

Please i want to create a shortcut that will create url ( i want to past this url on the note app by apple ) and that url will run another shortcut that i already have in my shortcut app .

I think the notes app can’t pass the URL back to anything without using a different app that can use the URL scheme and then format it and then wait for notes to close. I am probably not qualified to describe this but I had a similar experience with scriptable sending a URL to notes but then notes couldn’t do any action to return to the first action. Does that make sense?

If I have misunderstood then you can just use the clipboard to send it to notes and then return to shortcuts?

This will let you select a custom shortcut, transform it into a URL and place it on your clipboard. Paste that into your note and it will become a hyperlink to open Shortcuts and run the selected custom shortcut.

You can easily enhance it by tweaking the initial selection and optionally allowing input parameters to be specified :wink:

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I don’t know if the original poster was thinking about this but if you have the url scheme command and use mobilenotes:// to open notes can you then add more to it to then come back to shortcuts?

A better option would probably be Shortcuts’ own built in Create Note action which allows you to create and append to notes. But the OP did mention pasting it in explicitly :wink:

:sweat_smile: I literally just realised it was a typo…

I was looking at the example for ages trying to find a benefit for using the clipboard! I was thinking URL schememes ‘passing’ the note… :sweat: