Create a PDF from a Word doc from within finder

Hi all!

For a LONG time I’ve wanted to easily do the following automation:

  1. I select a Word doc in finder, then
  2. Quickly create a PDF version of the file in the same folder (with the same file name).

I’ve struggled to find a way to do it. I think someone said it can be done by Applescript but I’m not clever enough to do that. It’s not easily done on Keyboard Maestro either.

Today I saw a ‘Make PDF’ action on Shortcuts though which is a good sign! I’ve played with it but still can’t make the workflow above however.

Can anyone please help me? I’m sure this is a piece of pie for people on here but it would save me SO much time…

Thank you all

I don’t know if this is still up to date with the latest version of Word on the Mac, but there are AppleScript example out there.

Alternatively, you can convert file formats such as Word documents to PDF using command line tools like Pandoc.

Shortcuts supports shell and AppleScript actions and can be set to be accessed as a Quick Action.

I don’t use Word on my Mac, but I do on my work PC (Windows), and I wrote a script to do this sort of conversion for several types of Office files. So, in case that’s of use to anyone coming across this discussion, you can find that script here:

Hope that helps.

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I’m having the same issue. I had this figured out until I upgraded my Mac and now I can’t remember or find how I had it done.

Can someone guide me through getting the AppleScript set up and how I might be able to call it through either a shortcut or Keyboard Maestro so I don’t have to open word files before converting them.

Much appreciated.