Create a new Draft which contains a single question from another Draft that contains list of questions

Hi all,

So I have a Draft with a long list of questions. Each is a writing/journaling prompt. They each have a calendar date associated with them. I’d like to use a shortcut to pick the entry for the day, and make a new draft (with some specific tags applied).

5/01 - Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
5/02 - What are some things that you’ve been given recently?
5/03 - What is your idea of the perfect morning?

I suppose I am asking how do I use shortcuts to parse a long list of lines in a draft, find the one with the appropriate date, and then make a new draft?

Something like this should do the trick:

However assuming these questions won’t be edited by you in the long draft, I would suggest instead saving that as a file in the /Shortcuts folder of iCloud Drive and getting the contents of the file instead - this would avoid opening Drafts twice.


Purely as an academic example, I wouldn’t expect it to apply directly to this scenario, but should anyone use this as a basis where you specifically need to match a specific text string at the start of a line, the screenshots below show what can happen if you don’t enforce the match at the start, and an option that constrains the results to do so.


Thanks @RosemaryOrchard and @sylumer for the info. I’ve made a .txt file in the iCloud/shortcuts folder and have routed the shortcut to use that instead of a Draft. To your point Rosemary, this way, Drafts only opens once.

Thank you so much for the assist!

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Not completly what you looking for but purely in Drafts with Javascript

A discussion with more details is found here…