Create a generic OmniFocus Project with a click?

If you want something in your dock then the best bet would probably be an AppleScript or JXA.

Would the project be identical every time or would you want to specify things (E.g. if the project is Project X, you might want to specify Project X for Y as the name). Is there a specific reason for the TaskPaper involvement (such as relative dates)?

I would suggest using an AppleScript, probably based on this one:

I have to enter tickets to track my work. If I give Jane an iPhone, there are certain steps that need to happen in a specific order in order to close the ticket.

  • Email form to Jane.
  • When received, double-check form for accuracy.
  • Put order in for iPhone.
  • When iPhone arrives, configure.
  • Drop off iPhone with Jane.

You get the idea. I was previously using Things, and they have a URL maker to do this, but I wanted to use OmniFocus for Mac (if I could do it on my iPad, that’d be even cooler, but not a requirement) instead.

I hope that helps! Let me know if I can be of additional assistance.

I should add that I’d like to keep all Jane-related tasks in a folder called, for example, Jane Appleseed. If I can stick the Jane Appleseed folder inside of the “Mobile” folder, that’d be even cooler. Not a requirement, but it’d be pretty rad.

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So you would have several of these generic projects? And would the iPhone project only ever go to Jane or might it go to Joe sometimes instead?

It would hopefully come out like this:

I don’t mind manually entering the ticket number (the SCTASK… part), and I don’t mind manually entering the names, either.

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