Correct formatting of Get Conents of URL in Shortcuts for Curl?

Good day all. I’m trying to form a simple Get Contents of URL request to retrieve data using an API described as the following in the developer documentation:

$ curl -u API_KEY:{my API key}{my ID}/activities.csv

It is not clear to me what parameters I need to setup in the Headers section of the Get Contents of URL action. I thought it would be as simple as a single parameter “API_KEY” with value of my api key, but that is not working (see attached).

I’m out of my comfort zone and have struck out googling. Any guidance? Thanks — jay

The -u option sets the username and password for the request.

There are two authentication schemes: Basic and Digest.

Basic is the easier one and is probably used by your service (just a wild guess).

To send that data, you have to base64 encode the string {user}:{password}, where you replace each with the corresponding value, and then send it in the Authentication (edit: it’s Authorization) header with the value Basic {base64}.

So in your case you would encode API_KEY:{my API key} with base64 and then send it in the Authentication (edit: it’s Authorization) header like described above.

More info:

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Thanks for the response. Very informative. I validated on the dev’s website that he is using “Basic”. I update the shortcut to the following and it is still not working. I’ll keep working on it… you’ve given me good guidance for further research.

Edit: I just validated the API and my API key by issuing direct curl command from Mac terminal. Worked as expected.

Thanks again — jay

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There might be 2 reasons since your API key is correct (I can think of):

  • you’ve included a space or line break at the and of your API key
  • your API key is longer than 49 characters and therefore the resulting base64 gets broken after 76 characters. You might try to set this to None in the base64 action.
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Resolved. I needed to use “Authorization” not “Authentication” as the header. Again, thanks for the tips @schl3ck