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Continuing my pestering here, although perhaps it should be in the Web category, because although I have a Pi at home, I don’t want to use it for this automation because it could suffer the same problem as my OSX mac, namely not restarting correctly after a power cut.

What I want to do is daily to transfer and rename a log file from each of four different domains to four different folders on Dropbox.

I have a bash script that does this from my home Mac, but puts the files into my local DropBox. Seems best if I send them to DropBox on the web.

I found andreafabrizi/Dropbox-Uploader which looks like it might work to achieve the same objective from the server, but it looks like DropBox will be changing its API at the end of September.

Does anyone use this script? Is it worth trying to use it, given upcoming changes, or would I do better to put the effort into making something in Python?

(Which prompts a second question …)


I use Dropbox-Uploadet to send images from a Raspberry Pi security camera to a Dropbox folder. There’s a good tutorial for that which includes clear instructions for getting the library to work.

  1. I have used Dropbox-Uploader for several years, and it works very well. However, development of it seems very slow. I suspect it is a project where it does what the developer needs, and so they are not very motivated to do anything else with it. Bug reports and user feedback is generally either ignored or left idle for a long time.

  2. I would be surprised if Dropbox-Uploader is not updated for the new API.

  3. I am moving most of my scripts to use rclone which is just as good, more readily developed, and works with a lot of cloud storage providers. It works just as well as Dropbox-Uploader, and probably better, given the above issues.

  4. rclone even has a nice discussion forum similar to this one:

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Thanks. That is encouraging.

Thanks for pointing me to rclone. My first impression is that it is a lot more powerful than I need, but that might be a good thing if it encourages me to use it in different ways. I could see how well I get on with my relatively simple task to begin with.


Wow — thanks! rclone looks fantastic. I sometimes need (or would like) to keep two directories on a single drive synced, a Dropbox folder synced with a Google Drive folder, a folder on an external drive synced with one on the local drive….

This looks perfect, except for its lack of 2-way sync (which I gather is coming).

Ever considered keeping a curated lost of apps and tools you use or have used? Would be a huge benefit to the rest of us. i could just check it along with Brett Terpstra’s site whenever I needed to do something…

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That’s not a bad idea. I might try to put something together this weekend.

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