Copy 1 column of numbers to csv text

I have a gadget that will talk to my camera, allow clients to rate images, export the rating with the image number in a large column with image numbers (need) and rating number (great for sort but don’t want to copy text).
In Lightroom Classic, I need to copy just the file name into comma separated text so i can search for those files and tag with inside Lightroom with rating ( i e 5 starts)
I have put the columns into Numbers - that’s easy. But can’t figure out how to copy a numbers column into csv text only.

Update - find/replace - replaced .NEF with ", " but lightroom is only finding 1st file name not all files

Help! :slight_smile:

I knew if i kept trying… figured it out

  1. Emailed myself the rating list

  2. copy/paste all the ratings into a Numbers document or Excel

  3. Filter by rating

  4. Replace part of the file name with find/replace - Replace _DSC part of file name with nil. Replace .NEF with nil so I’m left with just numbers in Numbers

  5. Copy numbers column

  6. Paste into Text search in Lightroom - viola! those images appear!

  7. Select all and hit the corresponding # 1-5 for rating.

  8. Do a happy dance!

Great job! Sometimes it’s not clear why things don’t work, so I’m glad to hear you found a solution.

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