Copied App has interesting automation features

Just discovered the Copied App available on Mac and iOS.

It’s a copy/paste buffer manager but one of the interesting features is that you can use regular expressions based on the origin of the clip to file clippings into categories and also write little javascript fragments to reformat the clips.

One of the built in examples is when you clip some text from a web page you can convert the clipping to a MarkDown link to that page before then pasting it into some document. There seem to be a lot of possibilities here.

I’m experimenting with converting clips into TaskPaper fragments I can drop into OmniFocus.

I’ve only just discovered this app so I’m curious if others have interesting use cases for it.


I love this app. I’ve used it since shortly after it came out. I use it to save links and clippings. Now if I could only figure out how to use JS for it…

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I have it and I keep wondering what it can do for me. It seems prolific, but I can’t really wrap my head around it. I‘ll follow this discussion!

I’ve been working a bit with Copied lately, converting some of Brett Terpstra’s TE snippets to a Copied text formatter for date calculations.

I have a Copied list with:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Yesterday
  • Next Monday (etc.)

I can then use the script below as a text formatter to convert these items to the calculated date prior to pasting. Mostly I have been using this on iOS where the old TextExpander keyboard is so hideous.