Copied App Dead?

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post, but I was wondering if anyone else has been having issues with the Copied app for iOS/macOS/iPadOS? I’ve had a bunch of bugs lately, and when I email/tweet all I get is crickets.

They haven’t tweeted in a few years, and the app itself hasn’t been updated for over a year. Does anyone know if they’re closing down or have already closed down? I just didn’t want to jump ship until I knew for sure they weren’t going to develop the app anymore. It’s been a favorite app of mine until all the bugs…

I’ve been using it daily with no issues in ios 13 and Mojave. The fact that the bugs started out of nowhere would suggest to me that it’s an issue external to the app. Have you changed other aspects of your systems lately?

That said, yes, it’s pretty moribund.

Yeah, so weird. It’s a shame too because it was definitely my favorite cross-platform clipboard manager. I’m trying the 2-week trial of Paste now, so hopefully it works as well as Copied used to.

I gave up on Copied, over persistent sync issues, and moved to Paste. I don’t need a whole lot of fancy manipulating, but Paste has been working well and I like the visual interface that slides up from the bottom of the screen and the drag and drop to “pinboards”

Yeah, Paste is pretty good. I’ve ran into a few sync issues with Paste as well with it not being as quick as I’d like, but I guess that’s what you get with iCloud these days.

And I agree on the extra features too. I rarely want to copy+paste anything other plain text, so I like that Paste keeps things simple. I just want something that’s reliable and works more than it doesn’t. So far, Paste seems to be the best option.