Converting .tif files to .jpg and Resizing

I have quite a number of large .tif files that I want to convert to .jpg and reduce the size. If I open a single .tif file in preview, duplicate that file, and then close the duplicated file, it will ask if I want to keep the new document. It allows me to save the new document as a .jpg file and gives me a slider that allows me to reduce the file to the “least” quality. This allows me to convert a large .tif file to .jpg with a file size I want. I want to keep the high quality (large size) .tif file and then share the smaller, .jpg file with family members or others. How do I automate this process? I tried tinkering with Key Board Maestro and Automator, but I’m not familiar enough with both those tools to make this happen. Can either of these two tools do what I’m asking (and I just have to take the time to figure it out), or does anyone know if a workflow or script has already been created for this process? It’s very tedious to go through this process one-by-one with each .tif file, and automating it seems the perfect solution for me to get my feet wet in automation.

Search this forum for the word “sips”. I think that will give you some examples for something that could help with this.

Thanks! I found exactly what I need!!