Convert PDF to Images and OCR

I have found some PDF documents that are scanned copies of WW2 era US Navy deck logs. My grandfather was a member of the crew. The documents are mostly typed on typewriters. I would like to OCR the documents. I could purchase 3rd party PDF apps but first wanted to see if I could use Live Text to do the same job.

It seems to me that I must make each page an image file for Live Text to work. Once I have a picture I can the use the Extract Text from an Image. At that point I am not certain how to create a PDF from the photo and text.

Just wondering if the Automators team had run into this?


Not an automated solution, but what I’d do is upload the PDF to Google Drive (you need a gmail account) and then open with Google Docs — this’ll do the OCR and it’s very good. Then download the Google Doc as a PDF (the text will be selectable) or as a .docx or .rft file that can be opened by Apple’s Pages.