Convert lyrics to a PDF file and Import to ForScore

My wife is the singer for our band and frequently needs lyrics. We mainly organize these and manage them in ForScore. Would like some tips for an easy workflow to copy lyrics to clipboard, convert to a PDF (this seems to be the real challenge), then import into ForScore?

This should be fairly easy. Create a new workflow as an action extension. This will allow you to use the share functionality

My pdf workflow has only 2 steps

  1. Make PDF
  2. Quick look

When I use it, I can highlight text and then press share. I select run workflow, select the make pdf workflow and voila you get a pdf with the ability to share it to another app

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Thank you. Now one more issue - the PDF scrunches all of the text together and leaves out carriage returns between verses and choruses in the original text. Any thoughts?

I’m not sure what might be happening. Can you share the url of the site you’re trying to grab it from

If you scroll down on the left, there is a tab for Chords or Lyrics. Currently, I highlight the lyrics, share, then run the workflow.. This type of odd formatting only happens on certain sites or text sources.

Is there a way to remove odd formatting and keep the carriage returns?

I see what’s happening, but not sure of a quick solution. It behaves the same way if I copy and paste on my PC.

What’s happening is that when you click on lyrics, it’s simply hiding the chord info divs (chord-pro-note). When you highlight and copy/paste, the line breaks are happening where the cord divs would be.

I’m not 100% sure this can be accomplished with workflow. I’m not aware of an easy way to get multiple divs inside of another div. It could be definitely be done with a little bit of python code,

  1. Ultimately, you’ll need to start with everything inside the chord-pro-disp div.
  2. Within that, each lyric line is contained within a chord-pro-line div.
  3. Inside the chord-pro-line div are multiple chord-pro-segment divs
  4. Each chord-pro-segment has a chord-pro-lyric div, all of these within the line div would need to be combined back to form a single line


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Wow! That explains why you don’t have to reload the page when switching from lyrics to chords. I will try this. Thank you.