Convert "date" type format to string AppleScript

Episode 3 has me inspired to finally learn AppleScript, after years of thinking about it. I already know JS as well as a few other languages, so I could just do it in JS but I want to learn AppleScript. I have been having trouble doing something that I assumed would be extremely trivial, casting a date type to a string. Currently I am able to get the date but when I try to either add it to a string or add to body text I get the error that it “cannot make date into type string.” Whats the easiest way to cast to a string, I haven’t found a solution that is not as simple as I would expect (especially since AppleScript is supposed to be an extremely simple language), mostly people who have written separate classes. Does anyone know an easy way to cast a date to string?

Try adding as text after a date variable to cast it as a string.

Yes, I have tried this and unfortunately it returns the same error–Cannot convert date type into text.

Hmmmm. Try directly with as string. Any difference?

Sorry I’m on the go at the moment so working off the top of my head

These examples worked well for me in Script Debugger

set d to current date
-- d is date type
set t to d as text
-- t is text type converted from date d
set t1 to "August 13, 2018"
-- t1 is text type
set d1 to date t1
-- d1 is the date type converted from text

Thanks but I’m pretty sure this does the opposite, converts a String to date type.

unfortunately that doesn’t work either. Thanks though

They have shown two conversions there.

One from date to text and one from text to date to just round it out.

Oh that makes more sense. (I was wondering why there were 4 variables.)
Unfortunately though this still didn’t work.

I have attached my code below incase I am doing anything incorrectly.

`tell application "Pages"
	set thisDocument to ¬
		make new document with properties {document template:template "Blank"}
	tell thisDocument
		set {year:y, month:m, day:d} to (current date)
		{month, day, year} of (current date) --> {2006, April, 15}
		-- replace body text
		set thisText to "Name"
		datestring of (current date) as string
		set wholebody to thisText & datestring
		set body text to date string
		set d to current date
		-- d is date type
		set t to d as text
		-- t is text type converted from date d
		set wholebody to t
		tell body text
			-- set body tet properties
			set size to 12
		end tell
	end tell
end tell`
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as text was correct…

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Look at using as text.

Also can you see where you have used “date string” rather than the “datestring” that you used previously?

I am not trying to display a dialog box but instead add it to a document. I am not extremely familiar with AppleScript so would I use what is shown in the image but substitute “display dialog”?
And changing date string to datestring did not fix it

display dialog was just a way to show it working displaying a sttring. Think of it like an alert() in JavaScript and how you might use that for deomnstarting or debugging - console aside of course.

Note that if you have all of the code above, the points I highlighted would atill stand and it could be those causing your issues.

I don’t use Pages and so don’t have the AppleScript dictionary for it, but I think something like this might be give you an example where a string and a date are set as the body of a new Pages document.

tell application "Pages"
    set thisDoc to make new document with properties {document template: template "Blank"}
    tell thisDoc
         set body text to (">> " & (current date) as text)
    end tell
end tell

If it works (it may not as I can’t test it), you can then build out your bits of formatting, etc. If not we figure out the issue :sunglasses:


Thank You. It works!

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Also thanks for teaching me about “display dialog,” I had been trying to figure out what that was used for.