Convert a Movable Type blog to individual plain text or rtf files?

This might be a longshot, but does anyone know a tool or method that will automatically export a Movable Type blog as a series of individual plain text or rtf files? (Even doc files would be okay, but that seems even less likely).

Use this to export to HTML.

If HTML won’t work for you, there is a tool called Pandoc, that can be used to convert HTML files to a variety of file formats including Markdown (a plain text file format) and DOCX.

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There are also apps like sitesucker which will download entire websites.

Hey, that looks interesting. I’m not that fluent in running scripts like this, although I might be able to figure it out with some trail-and-error. Is that python script meant to run on the same server as the MT install? Or can it point to it from my local computer?

The key requirement looks to be that it can directly access your Movable Type database. If you can remotely access it, then you can run the script locally. If you can’t, then you would have to run remotely on the host.

I’ve never used Movable Type, so I’ve never tried this particular script. But from the requirement you set out in the first post, this script, combined potentially with pandoc, simply seemed like a good fit for your needs.