Control volume on HomePod Mini via script on mac?

I would like to control the volume on a HomePod mini. Preferably using AppleScript.

Hi, I have been trying to do a similar thing… never got a working update for what I was trying to do…

If you find out - please let me know…

Answering my own question here.

I have previously been able to set the “selected” state of my HomePod minis in Apple Music using AppleScript.

So today I tried various incarnations of setting volume, to no avail. Then I did a get properties on my LivingRoom HomePod
get properties of AirPlay device "Living Room HomePod"
and that gave me a few things to work with, Including “sound volume”.

Then I tried this:
set sound volume of AirPlay device "Living Room HomePod" to 65

Lo and behold it worked!!!

I am pumped because I have been searching for a long time for a script to control the individual volume levels on my HomePod minis, and now I have it.

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