Control Plex (iOS) using shortcuts?

I use Plex to play music on my phone while I’m driving. As far as I can tell it doesn’t provide any native shortcut actions for play/pause/playlist etc. Has anyone found a clever way to control it with shortcuts or Siri?

Lots of positive feedback for this on the Plex forums:

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This looks amazing. Unfortunately downloading .shortcut files is no longer supported (Apple!!! shakes fist at sky), so I’ll have to hope they make this available again through iCloud.

I think I heard somewhere that this feature is back in iOS14, but I may have misremembered or misheard that.

But in any case, BART by @jim_sauer provides a workaround for this, and lots more besides, all in one tidy package. You can restore individual shortcuts using the Restore One option. It’s certainly my goto for offloading and restoring shortcuts and is how I manage all of my shortcut archives that I store in a GitHub reporistory (the Working Copy file provider is so useful).

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Download the .shortcut files and use this shortcut to import them to your Library.

It was in public beta 1 but has been removed/disappeared again in public beta 2.

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