Control my Chamberlain garage door

I am new to java and I need some help. Here is what I want to do:
My garage door is controlled via the Chamberlain App on my iPhone. So there is only two steps the script has to do:

  1. open the Chamberlain App
  2. tap once on the garage door (center of the screen) to open or close it

The final goal would be to command this shortcut via Siri so I would not have to touch anything to open or close the door.

Unfortunately the Chamberlain garage door can only be implemented directly into the AppleHome App in the USA, not yet in Europe. That’s why to make it work with Siri, one has to find some workaround with a script.

Would be cool, if anybody could tell me how to do this.
Thanks a lot!

As a starting point, the sort of two point interaction you are asking for isn’t the sort of thing you can do on iOS, with Scriptable or anything else (jailbreaking aside). What you need to look to do is wok within what’s on offer from Chamberlain … so let’s begin with what information they offer up online.

I had a quick look on the Chamberlain site and forums and it appears the app doesn’t have a URL scheme to leverage or any inbuilt Siri integration (see below). In fact there seem to be some notes that there’s some base level security built into the app such that you need to interact with the app to work the opener regardless of what typ of interaction you might use.

This discussion on connecting to Siri suggests that what is required is a MyQ Home Bridge. I’m not sure how that fits into your statement about it not working in Europe for Home Kit as that’s what this hardware sees to integrate based on.

Another option might be to interact directly via a web API (Application Programming Interface), but whilst there are a few discussions about roll your own APIs, there’s nothing official, and given that it will require some sort of notable authentication for a security device, I think this might end up being out of reach for you to implement right now. But just in case you, or someone else do fancy a try, these links might be useful. Many of these are integrations with home automation systems, so if you have one of those, then this may provide another avenue to explore.

As an aside, please note that Scriptable is based on JavaScript, not Java - they’re quite different languages. :man_shrugging:

Sorry it’s not a simple “here’s the solution”, but there’s much more to what you actually want to do than might first have been apparent, and I don’t have any of the kit (including a garage) to figure and test it out with. Hopefully there’s something here though that will help.

Thanks for the quick answer!
I know the MyQ Home Bridge and this would work with Apple HomeKit and Siri, BUT this hardware is not yet available in Europe and the US one doesn’t work in Europe because of different homelink frequencies.
I will check out your links.

Apparently there is also a Homebridge (a lightweight NodeJS server, not the Chamberlain product) plugin for Chamberlain garage doors.

If you have a Raspberry Pi (or a Mac that’s always on) you might want to experiment with that.

This works, but it is not 100% much so that I stopped using Homebridge for my Chamberlain garage door.

I just picked out what I found in 10-15 mins of reading around about the Chamberlain stuff specifically.

Sorry to hear that.

I only use Homebridge for my WeMo switches and it works fine for those.

So, with the iOS 13 version of Shortcuts it’s possible to use either a location trigger or a Bluetooth trigger to open the MyQ app. I use the location trigger for when I’m arriving home, and set the radius to be large enough that the app has time to login (which seems to take 20-30 seconds depending on how well my cell network is working) and show me my door status before I actually pull up to my house. I use the Bluetooth trigger to open the app when ai connect to the Bluetooth in my car, so that the app can open as I’m leaving home. What I need to figure out is the if statement that can check whether I am at home or not and not open the app if ai am elsewhere.

You can add a contitional. For example, I have an RFID tag in my car. When I tap it and I am with a mile of the house, it sets my thermostats and turns off the lights. If I am more than a mile away, it sends my wife a message saying where I am and how long it will take me to get home.

Get Distance from Current Location to Home
If Distance is greater than 1.0
  Run Shortcut: Home ETA 
  Set 10 accessories
  Run Shortcut Home17

Where Home17 sets the thermostat to 17℃