Contacts API bug - note fields return as null

I use a script that helps me manage contact notes.

It’s suddenly stopped working and upon inspection, the Contact objects are being returned with “note: null”, even for contacts where I can load them in the native Contacts app and see the notes. What’s more, the app seems to be able to create new contacts and write notes, but just can not read notes. This is a major problem.

I have tried reinstalling the app and reallowing the app access to Contacts but it’s still broken.


  • iphone 6s non-jailbroken, ios 13.2
  • app v1.4.14

Any ideas?

I’m seeing the same issue. I suspect Apple changed the API at some point and that Scriptable will need to be updated to work (if it’s even still possible)

FWIW, it seems Pythonista is also no longer able to access contact notes.