Contact dates property label

Would love some help with something in my script. I’m going through the dates property on all of my contacts to look for anniversaries, and they have a label but it is coming up as _$!<Anniversary>!$_. Is there a method I should be using to parse it or should I strip out the before/after characters manually?

This is interesting. I have some automations that pull phone numbers from contact cards. Some time ago, I don’t recall exactly when, the labels for the numbers started showing up like that as well. Previously, they had appeared unadorned.

I haven’t gotten around to fixing it, but presumably a simple replacement step should do it

Thanks. For what it’s worth I just tacked on .replace(/[_$!<>]/g, "").

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Hey, thanks. I’m going to borrow that to fix my own automation. Thanks for sharing and saving me a few minutes!

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