Connecting AirPods to Mac with a Shortcut

It’s easy to use the Set Playback Destination action in Shortcuts to connect my AirPods easily to my iPad quickly. For some reason, Apple didn’t make that action available on the Mac. Anyone have another way of automating connection of AirPods to a Mac using Shortcuts? I tried the Bluetooth Device Connection action from BetterTouchTool but that only gives me an error (“Could not run Bluetooth Device Connection”).

I believe Guilherme Rambo is adding Shortcuts support to his app AirBuddy. (If you use AirPods on the Mac, you should totally get this app. Not sponsored)

Thanks! I actually looked at AirBuddy2 today but couldn’t find mention of Shortcuts support. Is this something he hasn’t added yet but is planning to add?

He’s teased Shortcuts support on his Twitter.

But unfortunately he also said that he has postponed his plans until Shortcuts on the Mac is in a better state.

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