Connect to Wifi Shortcut not Running

I have created a shortcut (iOS 13 Public Beta) that unlocks my door when I connect to my home wifi. The shortcut worked (kind of) with the first betas but won’t run at all in the latest 13.1 betas. Frustrating.

Have you reported this back to Apple?

I have reported to Apple multiple times. Strange thing. It started working the other day and then I updated to 13.1 beta 3 and now it has stopped once again. Bummer.

Now on 13.2, not beta, and still won’t work. I now have the 11 Pro Max and it still won’t run. I wrote the app on my wife’s iPhone X, my old phone, and it works great.

Does this still happen for you on 13.3 Dev beta 1?

Still the same. It works great on my wife’s iPhone 10. That phone used to be mine and I could never make it work.

I changed to “when I disconnect CarPlay” and am in “my home town” then unlock the back door. Still won’t run.

Not sure why I can’t get Shortcuts to control the lock on my back door. My wife’s iPhone has no issues.

Did you ever get this to work? I am having the same problem, both on my iPhone and my iPad

Not really. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Can’t figure out why either way.

i got a tipoff on the MPU forum that this is a known issue. lots of report on Reddit about it. very frustrating, but we are not alone!