Connect to a Bluetooth speaker

I wanted to double-check, but I think I know the answer: Is it still not possible to connect to a specific Bluetooth speaker using Shortcuts in iOS 13?

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So I found a tip (this may be only since 10.14 I’m not too sure) that allowed me to set up an NFC tag, that when tapped would connect to the bluetooth speaker in my office. The Actions are:-

Bluetooth - turn Bluetooth On
Scripting - Wait 5 seconds
Airplay - Set playback destination to Office Speaker

Problem for me is that this really only works about 25% of the time and I’ve no idea why it works sometimes, but not others. My NFC tag is about 3ft away from my speaker, and if (instead of running the automation) I go through my Bluetooth settings and select the Office Speaker, it connects, EVERY DARNED TIME. So what’s going on with the shortcut? Do I have to perhaps have an ‘active audio source’ to be able to set the Airplay playback destination? Hmm, setting my podcast playing before I ran the automation did seem to make the connection to the speaker work, but it still didn’t start to play on the speaker and although it was connected via Bluetooth the speaker didn’t show up as a potential location in my Podcasts app. Definitely an annoying shortcut to try to make work. Eventually got it by restarting my speaker…

Any tips on how to make this a more robust automation would be appreciated.

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