Concatenate iPad Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Maestro helped me concatenate two MacOS keyboard shortcuts: shift-cmd-P and cmd-1. Works perfectly. What application can help me do the same on an iPad with Magic Keyboard?

iPadOS does not currently allow any software to run at the level required to do this. It is highly unlikely Apple will change this in anything but the very long term as it provides a vector for abuse on the system. The iPad is firmly within Apple’s walled garden.

Individual apps might let you work around this internally to them, depending upon what scripting and automation triggers they permit. If you share the app and ultimate action, that will give us a view of if there are any internal options for that app.

Otherwise you could swap to a programmable keyboard that support sending multiple consecutive key combos. It may even be possible to program this into a programmable mouse button if you were against replacing your keyboard.

The app is Notability, a note-taking app. which I use on MacOS and iPad. According to my limited knowledge, this app is not open to scripting and automation triggers but the actions that interest me are accessible via keyboard shortcuts.
The ultimate action . My usage is transcription, ie from a voice recording I generate a text file. 80% is done automatically, but I manually correct 20% in the text editor of Notability. This involves extremely frequent play/stop recording, which is perfectly achieved by the keyboard shortcut shift-cmd-P. Unfortunately when I press “play” the editor quits the mode “editing text”. I re-enter this mode with the second keyboard shortcut, cmd-1. Concatenation works perfectly on MacOS.
Programmable Keyboard. Difficult because I use the iPad to take notes during university courses. The Magic keyboard is designed to be carried with the iPad. Any idea of a programmable keyboard that offers the same feature? It deserves a try.
Programmable mouse button. Any idea of such a mouse? It deserves a try. Any way to dedicate the trackpad to this?
Thanks a lot