Compose email preset content using Siri shortcuts

Hi, Everyone

My name is Hank Lin, i love Siri shortcut app, i try to build a shortcut for my job related. every time i have order for my client, when i receive delivery confirmation number, i take screen short and convert it to PDF file then email to my client. usually email message always same,
“Dear who, this attached PDF is your order delivery confirmation number, if you have any questions please contact me via Email.”
of course i can use TextExpender to insert this email content, but less typing always better for me. lol
please check below that’s my Siri shortcuts steps:

1.Get Latest Screenshots

2.Make PDF

3.Send Email
** (show compose sheet Turn ON, also i filled Receipt Email address and Subject )
each time i have to Manually typing same email message. i know there have better way to do it,**

  1. Get Latest Screenshots

  2. Delete Photos

Please teach me how to solve this problem thanks!

I imagine what you are missing is use of the Add to Variable action. This action will allow you to append your PDF to your message text.

Here is a simple example that may be a starting point for you.

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Hi, Brainy
Thank you so much for your help. This is what exactly I need. This workflow recipe just run perfect. I can save a lots of time. I’ll share you workflow recipe to someone need it.
Thanks again. Love this automator platform.

Hank L.

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